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Birthstones has come a long way. Today, more and more consumers  are using a combination of specific Birthstone Gems to create an overall look. Lets look at the history of Birthstone. Jewelry  has been used in every culture throughout history and in many different ways.  While in our culture today jewelry serves mostly as an esthetic purpose, jewelry can serve other functions as well. Jewelry is used to represent  social or official rank, age, marital status, and tribal affinity. In addition,  jewelry  serves as emblems  of religious , social,  and political affiliations. The following are he main cultures that began the use of religious jewelry and the common symbols and uses of their jewelry.

EGYPTIAN ANCIENT RELIGIOUS JEWELRY was very symbolic. Some common symbols in ancient Egyptian jewelry  include the Beetle, Lotus, Serpent, Falcon, and the Eye. The Beetle is a symbol for good-luck and resurrection  while the "Eye of the Horus" represents healing. A common symbol of the time  called the "Ankh"  is meant to represent eternal life. Religious Jewelry was extravagant, consisting of Gold  and semi-precious stones and were worn by women and men alike. When the Roman era arrived, Egyptian religious jewelry was made of cheaper materials and more Christian symbols were used. When Islam arrived in Egypt, men were forbidden to wear Gold jewelry. At this time, Silver Jewelry became more popular. Religious Jewelry is still widely used in Egypt but does not have the same extravagance as the ancient Egypt religious jewelry. When one thinks of a promise ring, it is common to think of a small inexpensive ring given to a woman as a promise of  marriage in the future, however, this is not always the case. A promise ring has several other purposes besides being a pre-engagement ring. A promise ring can be given or used for any sign of commitment such as - a non-romantic promise between friends; a promise of to be chaste...also called the purity ring, which can be given by a man to his girl-friend as a constant reminder to the wearer  to remain abstinent until marriage; or a promise of substance abstinence.

Wearing Birthstone Jewelry is very popular today. Not only it is fashinable, somehow, it also makes the item feel more personal and part of the wearer's personality. Almost all Gems are believed  to be embued with some special sort of power and this is one of the reasons why it is considered lucky to wear Birthstone Jewelries. As follows, here are some of the mystical properties and beliefs about these special BIRTHSTONES

JANUARY'S BIRTHSTONE  the GARNET...is believed to have blood purification properties and to protect against poisoning

FEBRUARY'S BIRTHSTONE  the AMETHYST...is a symbol of serenity and peace. In addition, , it's reputed to protect the wearer fron intoxication.

MARCH'S BIRTHSTONE is the clear blue AQUAMARINE...perhaps because of its color, it is sacred among sailors, who believe that it will protect them from the perils  of the sea.

APRIL'S BIRTHSTONE is the eternally stylish and elegant DIAMOND... is believed to symbolize true love. It is the most popular Gem used in wedding rings.

MAY'S BIRTHSTONE is the enigmatic EMERALD...Some people believe that Emeralds are magic and had the ability to make the wearer psychic.

JUNE'S BIRTHSTONE is the simple and classic PEARL...It is viewed by various cultures as a symbol of power, love, , purity, and chastity. (Other alternate Birthstone for June are Moonstone or Alexandrite)

JULY'S BIRTHSTONE is the RED RUBY...It is believed to help in matters of love and to enhance sexual prowess.

AUGUST'S BIRTHSTONE  is the lime GREEN PERIDOT... is traditionally believed to give sleep and protect the wearer from nightmares.

SEPTEMBER'S BIRTHSTONE is the SAPPHIRE...It is believed to give the power of precognition and is also linked to joy and peace.

OCTOBER'S BIRTHSTONE is the delicate OPAL... Some cultures believe that Opals bring bad luck...while others associate it with innocense and purity.

NOVEMBER'S BIRTHSTONE  is the Yellow Topaz...Medicine men and women in some cultures used ground Topaz in their concoctions to heal asthma. and the Birthstone was also reputed to have a calming effect on the quick tempered. (Other alternate Birthsyone for November is Citrine.)

DECEMBER'S BIRTHSTONE is TURQUOISE...The Indians of North Americarevered this Gem because of its power to warn the wearer of danger and because of the luck it brought. (Other alternate Birthstones for December are Blue Topaz or Tanzanite).

Wearing Birthstone Jewelry is a popular tradition that continues to this day. Necklaces, , Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Brooches and many other dress accessories adorned with these Gems are not only fashionable but also more meaningful for the wearer and for the recipients of such gifts. Also, having Birthstone Jewelryis a reminder that you have at least one thing in common with Queens, Kings, and